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“Allure yourself to healing” is the company slogan. At its core 3llure is here to teach people how to live for themselves. We aim to treat the body, educate the mind, maintain the soul, here we look at people as a whole.

Through 1on1 zoom calls, courses, and e-books we provide a range of services to clients.  A bulk array of high-quality herbs, herbal products, and complimenting accessories in the ecommerce store are available for shipping to the continental United States.

Locally our line of fresh fruit iced  Arnold Palmers called Libations are our best sellers with plans to be able to ship soon! The Libation tea line is formulated to help clients manage symptoms of different mental and health ailments while also giving a healthier alternative to pop/soda refined and processed sugars and preservatives. Using only high-quality herbs, natural sugars, and fresh fruits.

As 3llure grows the products added will be used in service and retail and they will always be centered around the client’s needs. You must be yourself! The world is beginning to change, and people are desiring to change the societal norms. Here we speak in Ebonics, curse and more over are unapologetic about who we are. There are so many things in life and the world that can make us feel like we can’t be ourselves. We give people the space to be just who they are and love them for just that. 

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