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Cleansing Protection Salt

Cleansing Protection Salt


The cleanse and protect blend has a combination of kosher salt blessed powders and herbs. Made and charged under Full Moons to:







Can be used in spirtual washes for body or home or used to lay salt.


Expected to ship by July 8th
  • Size Choice

    (Sample size recommended for home office, work space or prayer closet/room. Full Size is good for one story 1-2 bedroom, for larger spaces it is suggested you purchase at least 2)

  • Directions

    Directions: Sprinkle sparingly over the entire floor from corner to corner. Sweep with a straw broom away from your body and from the front to the back door, saying a prayer or affirmation of protection. Sweep up the contents and immediately throw it out in the dumpster away from your home.


    For apartments and small spaces: from the farthest corner of the room to the door for small spaces.

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